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Hey, first actual non-imported post at [community profile] amalgam! Party time! :D

Unfortunately, can't say the icons are nice or interesting. Here's a batch of scraps I've been accumulating. Uh, enjoy?

Bearsona Persona 4 [1 - 22] (all Teddie)
✔ Ace Attorney [23 - 40] (half Ema, half ridiculous)
✔ Heroes of Olympus [41 - 52] (misc official art)
✔ Tales of the Abyss [53 - 59] (Tear, one of Anise)
✔ Miscellaneous [60 - 67] (Okami, Norse mythology)

When I walk in the spa this is what I see )
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A bit monothematic. I apologize for pulling this crap after so many months o_ô

→ Okami x50
→ Pokémon x42
→ Kid Icarus x4
→ FMA x1 (Elric brothers)
→ Tales of the Abyss x1 (Nebilim)
→ Ace Attorney x1 (Lady Gaga Kristoph)
→ Avatar: The Legend of Korra x1 (Korra)
→ Ouran x1 (Tamaki/Haruhi)

When the weather is high )
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...Uh, well. I've been either uninspired or too busy for months, so this is why there hasn't been posts lately. I apologize to those waiting for their requests, here they are. Plus some other stuff for the rest of you guys.

x15 Shareable requests (FMA, Ouran, Kyou Kara Maou, Reborn, Code Geass, Yami no Matsuei, Wild Adapter, stock)
x11 Tales of the Abyss
x04 Yotsuba&! (Yotsuba)
x02 Persona 4 (art by Peachi)
x01 Ace Attorney (Ema)
x01 Neon Genesis Evangelion (PenPen)
x01 Seirei no Moribito (Balsa)

Here we go )
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Change of layout! ♥ See = [livejournal.com profile] icondork.

x35 Persona 4 (mostly Teddie; spoilers for him)

Weirdest mascot figure ever )

x03 Fullmetal Alchemist (Ling)
x21 Katamari Damacy (several cousins)

Ling's seiyuu is amusing, okay? )
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x16 Ace Attorney Investigations (all Ema)
x39 Tales of the Abyss anime

And hit me with technology )

Important! I messed up with the Ema icons and I used flipped animations as bases, so if you took them on June 21st, you'll have to save them again. I'm sorry for that! :(
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→ Ace Attorney:: 19
→ CLAMP:: 6
→ Ouran:: 1
→ Muramasa: The Demon Blade:: 5
→ Stock:: 1
⇒ TOTAL:: 32

A parakeet cooking pasta )
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Here's the whole first season on screencaps.

Average: five hundred and so per chapter, around 120MB per zip
Size: 704x400
Source: BSSubs .mkv
Format: png
Software: The KMPlayer

Samples and details (image heavy) )

Links for download )
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Okay, I was finally ever to get Photoshop back to my computer a couple of weeks ago. This means you get a massive post with random stuff I've been accumulating like a squirrel, plus icons I made for my flist. Now, the first part of the post is from a (now locked) Something Awful thread I followed from a Kotaku.com post. None of these pictures were mine; I just cropped the ones I liked plus the ones from games my brothers play. Sadly no, I don't have the original large images saved anymore :(

x32 videogame covers made classy (by Something Awful forums)
--- (see list of games under the cut)

Pacmans with teeth )

And now, back to the normal schedule.

14x Tales of
Peony, Nebilim, Jade, Raine, Genis + Mithos, Klarth
03x Ace Attorney
Maya, Trucy
03x Professor Layton
02x Mononoke
Medicine seller
02x Fruits Basket
09x Misc
Zelda: Wind Waker
Cardcaptor Sakura: Kaho
Princess Tutu: Fakir/Ahiru
Mushishi: Ginko
Natsume Yuujinchou: Natsume + Nyanko
Gankutsuou: Franz + Albert
Hikaru no Go: Sai
Stock: stained glass mushrooms

TOTAL == 34

Now that I think about it, I've been playing two games with characters called Luke )
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Tiny batch is tiny, but it's better than nothing!

02x Apollo Justice (Daryan, Klavier)
06x Tsubasa (vampires)
04x Hoshi no Kirby (Kirby)
02x Fullmetal Alchemist (Greedling, Alphonse)
02x Mushishi (Ginko)
02x Avatar (Sokka)

01x Manip (Daryan Crescend from AJ: AA)

TOTAL: 18 icons

Even the cut looks 'shopped )
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Okay, so, I have no excuse. I've been in this graphics' block for centuries. I can't believe the last time I posted was JUNE. If communities were like houses, this one would be inhabited by hobos and rats with rabies already.

The batch is kind of tiny. I hope you like it. There's a lot of LOLlawyer videogame plus some CLAMP from LIMS entries and stuff.

But at least I changed the layout? :D See: [livejournal.com profile] icondork [livejournal.com profile] icondork [livejournal.com profile] icondork

27x Apollo Justice (Klavier, Vera, Apollo, Trucy, Ema)
07x Cardcaptor Sakura (Li, Tomoyo, Fujitaka, Touya, Yukito)
02x Okami (Amaterasu, Tama)
06x random CLAMP (Rikuou, Souryuuden, Chunhyang, Yuzuki, Umi)
TOTAL: 42 - answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything

The game with the trippy bracelet and the magic panties )
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Even though I won't be able to make icons until my finals are over (more like I won't let myself), I thought I should plug this:

Be a part of the democratic process!

And so it won't look so empty and spammy, I do have a few uglies, from last week's experiments, to share. Let's call it the starry night batch for obvious reasons.

12 Card Captor Sakura
-- 2x Clow
-- 1x Sakura
-- 1x Li
-- 1x Tomoyo
-- 1x Touya
-- 1x Kaho
-- 1x Cerberus
-- 1x Yue
-- 1x Eriol
-- 1x Spinel Sun
-- 1x Ruby Moon

Why you wanna go put starz in their eyes? )
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Well, I had an awful icon's block and I didn't touch any icontest in ages, so I was trying to accumulate stuff before posting. I really hope this never happens ever again.

Some of these icons are pretty old, also. There's not even a lot of CLAMP or of big fandoms in it.

And beware, because I fell in love with the videogame Okami, so you'll see it a lot in the next posts.

x47 Slayers (Lina, Gourry, Amelia, Zelgadis, Xelloss)
x07 Mushishi (Ginko)
x05 CLAMP (Oruha, Yuuko, the warashis)
x04 The Last Unicorn (Schmendrick, Schmendrick/Molly)
x02 Fullmetal Alchemist (Winry, Hohenheim)
x02 Avatar (Iroh)
x01 One Piece (Chopper and Carue)
x01 Princess Tutu (rocks fall, everybody dies?)
x01 Discworld art (Ponder Stibbons)

TOTAL == 70

I has a pony, guys! )
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*points above* Like the title says. I've been trying to learn the arts of selective color in anime icons. Sometimes I can work it out, sometimes I can't. Anyway, this is a test batch so the quality varies from product to product. I need practice, I think. But thankfully, the test subject is very shiny and colorful.

x072: Slayers (Lina, Gourry, Lina/Gourry)
x319: Screencaps for episode 01

They're all from the first part of the first episode, and that's why there's only from these two characters. Yes, Estefanía, you *will* have your Zelgadis icons!

And after all this effort, it was just a flat-chested little girl with big eyes... not )

By the way, I zipped all the caps I made for episode 01. Grab them here (15 and something MB) I don't need permission or credit for using these on graphics or websites or galleries, but it's appreciated (a link to icondork or mercury-retrograde.net).
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You gain something, you lose something. That means: when I'm out of the writer's block, I'm in an icon's block ¬_¬ So I don't have a lot of icons to offer in this batch because I haven't done a lot these last months. I promise a better icon batch on February, probably with more shounen manganime, and more of these RG Veda omake icons. And a couple more of x-ing signs, if I can remember how I made them...

10x RG Veda
(chibi Ashura, Ashura/Yasha, Karura-oh, Karyoubinga, Kendappa-oh, Souma, Ryuu-oh, Kujaku)
8x Cardcaptor Sakura
(Yukito, Yue, Touya, Sakura, Tomoyo, Li, Eriol/Kaho)
3x Random CLAMP photoshop'ed: crossing signs
(Mokona, Kero, Suppi)
(Yuuko, Tanpopo the bird)
1x Tsubasa
1x Duklyon

TOTAL == 100 * (1/4) == 25 (LOL Math)

Danger: guardian x-ing )
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I heard there's a certain person who used an icon of mine as a base, deleted the text on it, and put some instead saying exactly the opposite of my text. I'm not pointing out or mentioning names or flaming her icon post, but I only want to say this: nimwit, if you're reading this, READ MY RULES and get the hell away from my icons. This kind of crap is one of the reasons that's making me believe a big percentage of your OTP's shippers can't read for fuck. (Please, sane shippers of that couple, don't feel insulted.)

Ahem. Happier thoughts.

Guys, [livejournal.com profile] import's Animanga Iconmakers Awards is now in the voting round, so go support your favorite iconmakers! and us too :D Even though I'm screwed as I'm the worst in my only category and I'll be pwned XPP But seriously, the work she and her friends went through to organize it is unbelievable!

Exercise your right to vote!

This post is sucky. But it's because I wanted to make a couple of Halloween-themed fandom icons and post them before the date, but I had almost nothing else to go with. So *shrugs* here they are. Have a nice Halloween if you celebrate it, or a joyous Samhain, or a nice Día de Muertos, or a good I-wish-I-could-eat-candy-in-disguise-like-the-Anglosaxons day.

08x Fullmetal Alchemist
(Random Halloween, Rockbells, Mei and Xiao Mei, Roy)
07x Random CLAMP
(Text, Mokona Modoki in Halloween)
04x Cardcaptor Sakura
(Cerberus, Eriol's guardians, Fujitaka)
03x Tsubasa
(Ryuu-oh, Mokona)
01x Gohou Drug

TOTAL: miserable 23 icons
Bad jokes: only 3 this time

Here comes the mash... )
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First of all, I want to thank the folks who nominated this journal and both of us for [livejournal.com profile] import's animanga iconmakers awards ^_^ Estefanía's output about this was, literally "WTFFFFF." Mine is "someone remembers my username?!" Personally, I don't know what the hell I am still doing there -I understand Este, but not myself- considering I'm not what you'd call a famous or even a good iconmaker, 3/5 of my votes were made by my mutual friends (and really, I actually told them off by cheating me in), and none of the big CLAMP iconmakers supported my nomination. Personally, I doubt I deserve it.

Second, I don't know what icons of mine to suggest for the run. I'm supposed to choose five to seven, but I'm not sure what to use since I lack what you'd call a personal style. They all look different! Which ones define me?! If any of you can make suggestions on good CLAMP icons I've made (and by good I mean pretty, not funny; the Kuro-llama song, for instance, is not pretty), I'll appreciate it. To save you time, I have them all listed by series here.

Well, I moved last month so between that and the incredible icon's block I've been having, I didn't have a lot to offer. So it looks like all I could do for this batch were bad jokes, some of them even in-jokes- and spinoffs of Internet memes. This time, art was sacrificed for the sake of, um, cheesy humor. However, I think the muse is sort of returning, so I might try to do more icons soon. If this semester's Schedule from Hell lets me.

07x Gohou Drug -Rikuou, Kazahaya, Kakei, Saiga
05x Cardcaptor Sakura -Yue, Yukito, Cerberus, Kaho, Eriol
04x XXXHOLiC -Doumeki, Yuuko, Raijuu
03x Ouran Host Club -Tamaki, Honey, Nekozawa
02x Princess Tutu -Fakir
02x Fullmetal Alchemist -Ed, Kimbley
02x Tsubasa -Primera, Spirit slash
02x RG Veda -Ashura
01x Kino no Tabi -Kino
01x Harry Potter -Luna
01x Kobato -Ioryogi
01x Dukylon -Kentarou and Takeshi
01x Magic Knight Rayearth -Lafarga
01x X -Kamui
01x Random CLAMP -Clow-cola?!

TOTAL: 34 icons

Im in ur lj-cut makin witty remarkz )
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First, a little survey for the people who are here for my CLAMP icons. cut for people who aren't )

Fine, let's get to business. This time we have... well, zero fandom icons O_o I'm sort of having an iconmaker's block and haven't touched icontests in two weeks. Instead, here's some random major arcana Tarot art and some bird stock.

22x Medieval Cat Tarot (Gina M. Pace & Lawrence Teng)
22x Miracle Tarot (Reiko Shimizu)
09x Stock
Little chicks, cygnet, parakeets, emperor penguins


Peep =/= chick )
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This time... a lot of CLAMP. Okay, so that's normal, but that's still a lot of CLAMP.

15x XXXHOliC and Tsubasa
Soel!Mokona, Larg!Mokona,
tank!Syaoran, Fay,
Yuuko, Watanuki, oden kitsune child, karasu tengu, neko musume, spider lady

09x Cardcaptor Sakura
Yue, Yukito, Kero, Li, Kaho, Eriol
04x Fullmetal Alchemist
Ling, Mei and Xiao Mei, Riza, Winry
04x Stock
04x Shin Shunkaden
Chun/Mong, Mong Ryong
03x Wish
Shuichirou/Kohaku (both of them)
02x RG Veda
Ashura, Ryuu-oh
02x Tokyo Babylon
01x CLAMP crack
Mokona manjuu
01x Howl's Moving Castle
01x Gohou Drug
01x Angelic Layer
01x Daffy Duck


Is that meatbun staring at me? )
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Some old, fugly Yuuko icons for icon challenges I never got to plug. But most of all, random.

Yuuko, Kudakitsune, Akari
12x Random CLAMP (mostly Newtype white)
Random text, Kakyou the cat, Yuuko, Watanuki, Mokona Modoki, Doumeki, Ioryogi, TRC!Sakura, assorted usyagi and winged monkey
09x Shirahime Syo
Shirahime, the traveler
07x Cardcaptor Sakura
Eriol, Ruby and Spinel, Touya/Yukito
05x Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE
Clow ruins, Kyle, Kurogane, Fye
02x Fullmetal Alchemist
Ed and Armstrong, Yoki and Pinako
02x The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Kyon, Kyon and Haruhi
01x Magic Knight Rayearth
Lantis and Zagato
01x X
01x Clover
A and C
01x The Sandman
01x Saiyuki

Mahjong is serious business )

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